All images on this page were designed by myself, unless otherwise noted.

Kinetic Design

This one was produced from scratch in Photoshop. No plugins involved. (The spiral thing on the left involved more layers than I'd care to think about) I tried to emphasize a sense of forward motion, and none-too-subtly underscore the fact that this company is internet savvy.


Let me just say for the record that the jagged Earth Monster gives me nightmares, and I'm sure he scares children. I suggested him as a joke. The client loved it.

That's mostly photoshop. The lettering was done in some imitation 3D program we picked up for $30.

Spaceplay was my first big graphics job. It's a giant indoor playground, and I designed most of the graphic elements, from their business cards to the murals painted on their walls.

I may set up a separate gallery showcasing that work. But not right now.

the Musical Crossroads

I especially like making web graphics because I can throw out all the print considerations. This would have turned out quite differently had there been paper involved.

 the Musical Crossroads logo

created in 3D Studio Max, touched up in Adobe Photoshop.

Lefty's Head

Dark and ominous, but quickly recognized and simple enough for school-aged fans to draw all over their textbooks. This image plays off a design by the inimitable Tracy Miller.

Max and Photoshop again.

Rotaract Club of Ventura

This is Rotaract's official logo. I did NOT design it:

As you can see, it's a very low resolution image, unsuitable for print. Nobody seems to have a hi-res version, so I decided to make my own. Along the way, I made a few changes. It's less formal now, more dynamic. That's important for our membership campaign.

An interesting side note:
The logo above is actually a 3D meshfile, constructed entirely in 3D Studio Max.
Nobody believes me, but that is how I made it.

The low-res original produced a nice mysterious effect when I ran some lights behind it in 3D Studio Max. Here, the graininess of the source material works to our advantage. This image is the centerpiece of our website's intro screen:

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