Clearly, I can't give away much detail about my unpublished ideas. The working titles used here are false, and will remain so until I have the actual titles trademarked.

Blue Harvest
(graphic novel or film script)

Freeways move too slow, so I spend a lot of time on them thinking about teleportation. It's common enough in Science Fiction stories, but I've never seen anyone really put much thought into what consequences introducing such a thing might have. (The Fly doesn't count.)

The results of these musings are probably the darkest, most twisted story ideas I've ever had. (Several friends I've discussed this with are afraid of me now.)

preliminary design on the teleporter panel

I may end up hiring an artist on this one. My own comic art is appropriate for the series I'm about to describe, but probably less so for this. Pity.. It will probably be my first published work.

You Know What They Say...
(continuing series)

I formed the initial concept for this one at my cousin's wedding. I was thinking it'd be a spy thriller at the time. But whenever I tried to write a scene, it would degenerate into the most bizarre comedy. Eventually, I gave up and watched it evolve. It's more of a Manga style now, along the lines of Ranma 1/2, or Kimagure: Orange Road. There's a ghost, a talking hippo, countless curses, and endless property damage. Beneath that, we've got western sci-fi influences and introspective psychological themes.

Developing this is playtime for me. It's a big game, coming up with the most intricate corners to write myself out of. The premise lets me throw in game design ideas or introduce an unsolveable paradox any time things slow down. And the end result is just fun to read.

I'd like to illustrate this one myself. My artwork is almost up to the task.. I'm hoping to have an issue or two published before ComicCon 2000.

Defense League
(two major story arcs)

Heavy psychological themes explored here. And much cultural satire. If this one doesn't raise any controversy, I'll be sorely disappointed.

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