3D Art

Most of my work these days involves trying to replicate a comic book style in 3D Studio Max. Be sure to check out my experiments in that field. This page represents other stuff.

My first experiment with fur. Isn't he cute?!

More fur. Various maps affect coloration, length, sparcity, etc. I learned a lot from this one, and will probably remake him later. I expect the results will be twice as good, and take half as long to create. The eventual goal is to have him not look like a stuffed animal.

This is more a Photoshop experiment than anything else. Several different renders are composited here, for a semi-organic feel. I rather like it.

I'm also fascinated with stereoscopic 3D imaging, and should have a page up with some of that pretty soon. It's an interesting challenge constructing that page, because some of my art is optimized for onscreen viewing via browser plugin and special glasses, and some is optimized for offscreen viewing via a printer and a stereoscope. What I've found is that these formats don't like each other. On top of that, I'm starting to work with autostereoscopic printing techniques (lenticular, 3D hard copy, etc. Zebra Imaging has a full-color holographic printer coming out soon that I'm very excited about) which won't translate to the web at all!

Really, the best way to see what I'm working on is to visit me in person. But this website is probably the next best thing.

Oh, and if you happen to know of a paying job somewhere which requires these skills, do let me know.

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